President Steve Marienhoff
   Treasurer Diana Marienhoff
   Seymour & Barbara Canter
   Genaro & Lai Tan Carapia
   Andy & Rosemarie Dobrzynski
   Herb & Kathy Goodman
   Jeff Harwood
   Nina Hoffman
   Steve Langsford
   Nancy Salka
   Michael & Donna Wilhoit

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There is no cost to join the San Fernando Valley & Ventura  Trojan Club. We have several dinner events a year in the San Fernando Valley. Subscribe below to receive our event emails and RSVP information.


​While each regional club has its own identity, clubs typically coordinate social activities, pay tribute to student-athletes, honor alumni and friends who provide support to the athletic program, and raise funds for special athletic department projects such as the improvement of athletic facilities.

There is no membership fee required to attend any of the activities organized by a regional club – anyone can attend Trojan Club activities of their choice. There will, however, be costs associated with participating in each individual event (i.e., the cost of a meal, tickets).

For general information and questions:

President Steve Marienhoff 
Phone: 818-343-3323

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Call  Diana Marienhoff 818-343-3323

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